A history of high value.

Years ago, John Walters and Randy Wolf met and became fast friends while working together at Hart Glass Company. In 1977 they left Hart and launched Walters & Wolf Glass Company. From their first days working at the small offices in Santa Clara and installing glass in “tilt-up” buildings, John and Randy focused on developing close professional relationships with their customers, empowering their employees, improving services through innovation, and holding their company's work to towering standards.

With every new job came gradual growth, and in 1979 Walters & Wolf had the honor of purchasing Hart Glass, John and Randy's former employer. This acquisition brought many talented people (and friends) into the company, allowing it to take on even larger jobs.

In 1981, John and Randy responded to market demands by introducing cladding services and product lines beyond glass, clearing a path for the company that they have only widened since.

Today, Walters & Wolf wraps distinctive, high-profile projects from eight different facilities, covering markets across the western United States.