With the rapid business expansion and fast-paced atmosphere of California's Silicon Valley, square footage had become a highly-prized commodity.

VersaGlide | Sliding Entry System

In looking to maximize office space efficiency while retaining aesthetic value, Walters & Wolf Interiors engineered a new entry system to satisfy this growing need. Enter VersaGlide.

Adaptable Engineering - Infinite Possibilities

Walters & Wolf Interiors recognizes the need to have an entry system that reflects the individuality of your project. VersaGlide can be engineered to integrate exclusive components conforming to your work environment. By eliminating a floor track and swinging components, VersaGlide has maximized available space and reduced interoffice noise pollution.

Standard finishes? Standard height? There is nothing standard about VersaGlide and our in-house design/fabrication team allow us to quickly provide you with custom results to fit any opening.

Unparalleled Response and Turnaround

Walters & Wolf Interiors maintains a healthy inventory of supplies at our fabrication plants to accommodate quick turnarounds or large orders. We encourage you to stop by our location to test our VersaGlide mockup.

Quality Control

Do you have recurring demand for particular doors? Through pre-established agreements with our clients, we are able to tailor our inventory to maintain stock to meet your needs, decreasing lead times. As part of our quality control, a weekly stock check ensures product is on hand to meet your requirements — at a moment’s notice.

Craftsmanship & Tech - Working Together

Walters & Wolf maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities along the West Coast. However, machinery is only as good as the hands running it - our talented cadre of carpenters and glaziers combined with our technology, form a partnership of efficiency. Through this increased efficiency and our lean manufacturing programs, we are able to pass cost savings to you without compromise.

Peace of Mind Warranty

Unlike other sliding entry systems, VersaGlide is proprietary to Walters & Wolf Interiors. This exclusivity provides you with the peace of mind that you are receiving the highest quality system, fabricated, installed and backed by the industry leading Walters & Wolf Interiors warranty.