The earth is our foundation.

We're invested in our children's future, so sustainable environmental practices are important to us. We take special care with our building processes, monitoring resource efficiency and waste. We are LEED certified and implement a multitude of sustainable materials and methods on each job.

recycle_fpo.jpgWe have taken additional steps towards sustainability by installing solar-tracking skylights in some of our factories, switching out industrial trash compactors with industrial trash recyclers, developing reusable unit packaging and reusable racks, using energy-efficient bulbs, and by recycling paper, plastic film, thin foam, strapping, metal, and wood, including sawdust. We use wooden pallets and skids and we reuse expanded polystyrene. Outdated silicone is not trashed, it is donated to companies that can use it. In our first year of recycling, we were responsible for 626 tons of landfill diversion.

Not only are we experienced in using green materials and recycling, we are also continually learning and refining. We discovered when we focus on improving everyday details, it has a resounding effect on both our world and budget. As a single-source, architectural façade sub-contractor, we often install custom curtain walls within our precast panels at our home base fabrication site. This ultimately yields a lower environmental impact by transporting a fully-assembled façade panel instead of the sum of its parts and packaging. We execute a leaner style of fabrication that produces expedited schedule opportunities.

We hope if we continue making incremental improvements to our equipment, processes and materials in earnest, we can further minimize our impact on the environment and lower our clients' bottom line.