As a cladding material, Terracotta offers an enormous array of design options through its significant range of possible surface textures, colors and nearly limitless configurations. While it retains a certain earthy, natural quality like stone, the material is inherently rich and expressive. The technology has continuously progressed and has reached a plane where the making of Terracotta has become a science. Yet the manufacturing of clay-based construction materials still centers on the three elements of Fire , Water and Clay – as it has been done for millennia. The Terracotta façade system is a ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system whose exposed components are made primarily of Terracotta. Satisfied clients can enjoy buildings with tremendous aesthetic appeal, while reaping the benefits of one of the most weather resistant construction materials available. Terracotta has opened up a completely new dimension in façade design and has received world wide acclaim. We provide Terracotta in a site-built and unitized system.