Walters & Wolf Precast has forged a new industry standard with our craftsmanship and attention to detail. With VersaShell, we are continuing this time-honored tradition of meticulously crafted cladding products.

VersaShell | GFRC Rainscreen Panel System

With a growing demand for rainscreen solutions and sustainable construction, VersaShell is a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete [GFRC] Rainscreen solution engineered and fabricated in the United States. Like all Walters & Wolf products, VersaShell was designed with you in mind - to be versatile and provide a dependable, lightweight panel system for interior and exterior applications.

Turning A Corner

Are we out to set industry milestones? Absolutely. Our latest, the ability to cast angled returns without sacrificing your building's aesthetic integrity. Walters & Wolf Precast prides itself on our ability to provide superior products on a deeply customizable platform; the flexibility of VersaShell is only limited by your imagination.


Color selection is an interactive process. Our collaborative approach encourages architects and designers to visit our facilities anytime to preview samples and tailor their product from concept to completion.


Our finishes range from natural, sandblast, to a honed surface. Pair our finishes with an expansive color palette, and the combinations are essentially endless.


With an extensive selection of colored sands and pigments our design experts will work with you to create a custom formula that reflects the uniqueness of your project.