Knowledge is our most powerful tool.

For Walters & Wolf to flourish in this perpetually evolving industry, we must continue to educate ourselves. In order to be engaging, we must be engaged.

It is our responsibility to master our tools and our trade, and to use this knowledge to pursue finer methods and materials. We house some of these endeavors in our sophisticated training facilities, equipped to educate employees and clients. When we need to extend our reach, we give classes on the Internet. Our education doesn’t stop there: every day on the job is a day in school, because we’re consistently striving to improve every aspect of our services.

Walters & Wolf acknowledges that to have the best employees, we need to provide thorough and constant training. That’s why we established a $40,000.00 training center in our Headquarters in Fremont. Here are some examples of the type of training we provide:

Internal Training

Every two weeks at the Fremont facility, a training session is held on a topic of interest. These are typically taught by an internal expert on the subject. These are then recorded and available on our intranet site. Some of the classes we’ve held recently include:

  • How to read shop drawings (part 1 and 2)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Project
  • Introduction to Database systems
  • Panel system overview
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Strategy Overview

Vendor Training

Each month at the Fremont facility we invite one of our vendors to come into the training center and give an overview of their products. This helps everyone keep up on the latest developments out in the industry. Previous vendors include: Viracon, DOW Corning, Doralco, Glass Fab, TGP, Saint Gobain, AVA, ISG, Halfen, Tremco, EPG and many others.

External Training

We have partnered with FMI for specific external training. This training includes:

  • FMI’s Project Management Academy
  • FMI’s Leadership Institute
  • FMI’s Improving Construction productivity
  • FMI’s Presentations Class
  • FMI’s Bidding Strategy Class